Objectives of Project

To promote a policy on integrated identity of the Romanian-Bulgarian cross-border region on the basis of an interdisciplinary neighborhood study; to add value to the research and communication practices related to regional strengths and opportunities; to establish a framework for the branding of the cross-border region within the concept of RO-BUL-NA (Romanian-Bulgarian Neighborhood Area).

Activities of Project

Three-phase applied research and development of strategic papers; collection of information resources; training and involvement of Cooperation Facilitators from Romanian counties and Bulgarian districts; establishment of a cross-border network; international conference on project results.

Results of Project

Innovative research methodology; public opinion analysis of 4 000 respondents survey; Green book of a policy on Romanian-Bulgarian cross-border identity; tri-lingual RO-BUL-NA information package for 4 400 beneficiaries; 16 experts trained for Cooperation Facilitators; Neighborhood Epistemic and Communications Community (NECC), founded by at least 64 members and based on a tri-lingual web-site.

Target Groups of Project

2 200 Romanian and 1 800 Bulgarian citizens from the cross-border region, belonging to the public administration, businesses and civil society; 400 stakeholders with a decision making potential on the region.