Bulgarian-Romanian Interuniversity Europe Center (BRIE)

BRIE was established within a project of the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe on the grounds of German Rector’s Conference initiative in 2000. In 2002 the first international student cohort was enrolled. In 2006 an Agreement for Cooperation and Mutual Assistance regarding the Development of BRIE between the Government of Romania and the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria entered into force. The host cities of BRIE, Ruse and Giurgiu, are perfectly located to breathe today’s spirit of togetherness in Europe. Mirroring each other on the Bulgarian and the Romanian banks of the Danube and connected by a bridge, they have their direct destination to ten European countries along the river. Since 2007 the border line has been fading away, thus facilitating the practices of cooperation. The place is also a vivacious check point of east-west waterways and north-south continental routes. Here VII and IX pan-European transport corridors meet to connect Western Europe with the Black Sea region, and Northern Europe with the Aegean Sea and Turkey. It is by this peculiar location, that the identity and the mission of BRIE are shaped, i.e. to add value to the political, societal and economic stability of Europe as an integrated entity. BRIE brings together University of Ruse, the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies and German partner universities to contribute to the development of the European educational area. The network provides two four-semester bi-lingual (English and German) master programmes: European Studies and Regional Cooperation and European Studies and Public Administration. The first semester is the Bulgarian semester, the second – the Romanian, and the third semester takes place either at European University Viadrina and Chemnitz University of Technology (both of them are located in cross-border regions), or at University of Regensburg (Danube region). BRIE is accredited by German, Bulgarian and Romanian agencies. European Studies is a multi- and interdisciplinary field, which has become increasingly important after the fall of the Berlin wall. The processes of societal change presuppose adaptation to new relations in Europe, which have never been experienced before. Regional cooperation is challenged by new prospects in the context of the strategies for the Danube and the Black Sea regions. The Public Administration on the other hand, is facing demands for reforms due to the multi-level governance in the EU and the globalization. BRIE responds to these challenges with relevant modularized curricula and extracurricular activities, which develop the competences of the students within the standards of the Bologna declaration. More than 200 students from 13 states belong to BRIE and to BRIE Alumni club. In terms of research, BRIE implements cross-border cooperation projects, related to the region and its changing profile, and financed by EU programmes. The management structure of BRIE, which is stipulated in the Statute of BRIE (part of the Romanian-Bulgarian intergovernmental Agreement) includes:

  • BRIE Transnational Advisory Body (Beirat), chaired by Prof. Dr. Rita Süssmuth, president of the German Bundestag from 1988 to 1998. It is represented by key stakeholders of BRIE, such as regional governors, mayors, MPs, etc. The sessions of the Beirat, within which the strategic development of BRIE is approved, take place once annually either in Bucharest or in Ruse.
  • BRIE Transnational Board, involving the Rectors of University of Ruse and of Academy of Economic Studies, a representative of German Rectors’ Conference, as well as the directors of the two BRIE centers. The Board makes decisions on the principle of rotation, each Rector being the host of the session once annually.
  • BRIE Transnational Commission as an operational management team, presided by BRIE directors and involving deputy directors, as well as coordinators of BRIE activities


BRIE Ruse Bulgaria, 7017 Ruse, 8 Studentska Str. T: +359 82 825 667 F: +359 82 825 662 E: brie@uni-ruse.bg www.brie.uni-ruse.bg BRIE Giurgiu 36 Mircea cel Batran Str., Giurgiu RO – 080036 T: +40 246 219 161 F: +40 213 191 899 E: brie@ase.ro www.brie.ase.ro