cross-border associates

Александър-Владимиров---МонтанаAleksandar Vladimirov graduated from the Natural Science High School “Acad. Ivan Tsenov” with honors. In 2011 he got his bachelor degree in Sociology from the University of National and World Economy in Sofia. He participated actively in numerous forums, seminars and trainings organized by the university. In addition, he took part in several European youth projects and trainings. In 2012 he became honorary member of the Youth House – Vratsa. He is actively involved with theatre, music and dancing. He has worked in the sphere of tourism and services. Currently, he is a PR agent in a leading company.

Fluent in English.

Боряна-Станчева---РусеBoryana Stancheva graduated from the German language school “Friedrich Schiller” in Ruse. She got her bachelor degree in European Studies from the University of Ruse where in 2011 she graduated as best student. She took part in an exchange program and spent one semester in Münster, Germany. Right after graduating Boryana got the opportunity to apply her academic knowledge during a one-month internship in the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium. Boryana got her master degree in European Studies and Public Administration at the Bulgarian-Romanian Interuniversity Europe Center (BRIE). She is a scholarship holder of the German Pedagogical Exchange Service and of the Baden-Württemberg Foundation (Walter-Hallstein Programme).
During her studies Boryana is actively involved in the activities of the European Studies Club. As a manager of the student organization she has managed to contribute to the establishment of the Club as a symbol of youth initiative and innovation as well as to its transformation into sustainable platform for civil engagement. In 2010, together with a multidisciplinary team from the University of Ruse and with regard to the European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion, she participated in the development of a student project which was awarded first prize at an international conference in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Boryana is also a member of the Association for cultural and language exchange in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe “Mit Ost”.
Fluent in German and English, uses French and Romanian.

Vladimir-TrendafilovVladimir Trendafilov graduated from the Humanitarian High School “St. Cyril and St. Methodius” in Dobrich with a major in English and Literature. His bachelor degree in Management he got from the Higher Education Institution “Agricultural College” in Veliko Tarnovo. He is a Master in “Business Administration” from the Academy of Economics “D.A.Cenov” in Svishtov as well.
Vladimir is a theatre actor who made his professional debut at the age of 18 on the stage of „Yordan Yovkov“ Theatre and Producer Center in the city of Dobrich. Over the next five years he got another five roles in “Yordan Yovkov” Drama Theater in Dobrich and has managed to deserve his permanent place in the cast.

Деница-Шукина---ПлевенDenitsa Shukina graduated from the Foreign Language School in Pleven with a major in Spanish and English. She got her bachelor degree in Ecology and Environmental Protection from the Agricultural University of Plovdiv where in 2011 she graduated with excellent academic results. Denitsa got the opportunity to apply her academic knowledge during a three-month “Erasmus” internship in Spain. She intends to continue her studies in order to obtain a Master degree in a country of the European Union.
During her academic studies Denitsa is actively involved in the activities of the “Thracian youth” dance ensemble for folklore songs and dances, presenting the authenticity of Bulgarian folklore both at national and international events. She widened her cultural horizons as an interpreter of folklore groups that come from Latin America and participate in the International Folklore Festival under the auspices of CIOFF. As a member of the “Zvanika” choir Denitsa grew up with the beauty of music. She took part in many prestigious concerts and competitions worldwide.

Fluent in Spanish and English, uses Russian language.

Деян-Иванов---Велико-ТърновоDeyan Ivanov graduated from Humanitarian High School “St. St. Kiril and Metodyi” (journalism profile) in Veliko Tarnovo. He got his bachelor degree in International Relations from Sofia University in 2010. During his education he achieved outstanding results and took part in many activities. Probably, the most prestigious one happened during his stay in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He was temporarily appointed in Directorate “Information, Public Relations and European Communication” and played vital role in the organization of the Energy Summit in Sofia (24-25 April 2009). Moreover, in 2009 he participated in the organization of the first European Parliament Election held in Bulgaria.
Deyan took a decision to continue his education in the Netherlands and applied for a master program in the University of Groningen. In 2011, he successfully completed his International Economic and Business Law program. He acquired knowledge in a variety of disciplines and specialized in Competition Law. His final master thesis was an in-depth analysis of a specific part of this legal sphere. Meanwhile, Deyan also specialized Firm Management in the Centre for Educational Services which is part of Sofia University. Furthermore, he acquired European Business Competence Licence in 2009.

Fluent in English, uses Dutch as well.

Ина-Гарванска---ВрацаIna Garvanska graduated from “Joan Ekzarkh” Language High School in Vratsa with a major in German and English. During her education, she participated in student exchange programs and visited Germany and France. In 2010 she acquired her Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration at “Neofit Rilski” South-West University in Blagoevgrad and she graduated with excellent results. As part of her education she served an internship at the Vratsa Municipality. In order to further improve her English skills she attended a language course in the United States.
In 2011 she was involved as a technical associate in the process of conducting local elections at the Central Election Committee in Sofia.
Currently she holds the position of Chief Expert at the Registry Agency, which is directly subordinate to the Ministry of Justice.
She is fluent in German and English.

Миглена-Братанова---СилистраMiglena Bratanova graduated from the Language High School “P. K. Yavorov” in Silistra. After her graduation, she studied “Мanagement and economic business” at the “Centre for post-graduate qualification” to the University of Economics in Varna. She got her “Specialist” qualification degree from the College of economics and management to the “D. A. Tsenov” Academy of Economics in Svishtov, where she graduated “Economy of Trade” in 2009. Miglena continued her studies with the master program “Finance management” at the Academy of Economics, where she graduated in 2011. From 2008 to 2011 she specialized in “Financial investigation” and “Court expertise” at the Academy of Economics in Svishtov.

During her 3-year Bachelor studies Miglena was actively involved in the activities of the College. She was a person in charge and a representative of her specialty and took part in the meetings of the Board of the Professors at the College of economics and management to the Academy of Economics in Svishtov.

She has work experience in the private as well as in the public sector, where she has worked as a social worker in the Agency for Social Assistance.

Милен-Стоянов---ВидинMilen Stoyanov graduated from natural Science High School “Ekzarh Antim I” in Vidin. In 2011 he got his bachelor degree in Economics from the University of National and World Economy in Sofia. In 2009, together with other students he participated in the establishment of a “Youth association for research of defense and security”, which was not officially registered, but several seminars in this field were successfully organized.
During his studies Milen took part twice in the “Work and Travel” student programme and visited Massachusetts and Alaska, USA.
In the autumn Milen is going to continue his education as a part of a master program in Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”.
Currently, he is employed as a Junior Expert at Regional Administration Vidin.
Fluent in English, uses Russian.

Пламен-Петров---РазградPlamen Petrov graduated with honors from the Mathematical High School in his hometown Razgrad. He received his Masters degree in Informatics from the Faculty of Informatics and Mathematics (FMI), Sofia University in 1996. During his student years he was a member of the Independent Student Society – Sofia where he was actively involved in the democratic movement in the country. Later he worked for the Bulgarian News Agency (BTA) and Reuters, an international company with headquarters in London, UK, where he took part in various informational and database projects. His job positions provided him with the opportunity to travel in various EU countries and study their cultural traditions, business opportunities and political practices.
For a short period of time, Plamen lived in the USA and Russia, where he worked for local high tech companies and ecological organizations.
Plamen is fluent in English and Russian and he also uses Polish and Italian.

Romanian Cross-border Cooperation facilitators

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