With regard to their job description in the period April, May and June the Cooperation Facilitators for  the nine Bulgarian districts have completed the following tasks:

  •  In April the CFs have discussed with the regional governors the names of potential members of focus groups. Every Cooperation Facilitator has nominated three local leaders of public opinion: one representative of the public sector, one representative of  the business and one representative of the civil;
  •  In addition, the CFs have been assigned the task to collect appropriate pictures which present their districts. The pictures had to correspond to the topics included in the text that CFs wrote for the trilingual booklet that is to be published.
  •  Cooperation Facilitators were required to present information referring to each of the 9 Bulgarian districts. The collected data and information are presented in tables. In order to identify the strengths of the Bulgarian-Romanian Cross-Border Region and the opportunities for its future development the Cooperation Facilitators for the 9 Bulgarian districts were expected to provide relevant data within the following inventory categories:

-   Universities in the district – number of the universities, academic profile,  information about the number of Bachelor, Master and PhD students as well as about the different degree programs offered at the relevant universities;

-    Secondary and high schools in the district – type of the school (general or specialized).


-    Hospitals –type of the hospital (general or specialized); information about hospitals and facilities which can be distinguished due to some advantages they have (specialized services, newest hospital equipment etc.);

-    Specific health care services – additional specialized health care services in the district (sanatoriums, specialized recreation/therapy/recovery centers etc.); information about their number and their profiles;


-    Companies with a significant importance for the economic development of the relevant district – information according to the following classification of the economic sectors the companies belong to:

  • Agriculture and animal breeding;
  • Industry (light and heavy industry);
  • Services (banks, insurance, tourism etc.).

The tables about business and economic activities include short presentation,     mission and vision of the leading economic subjects in the relevant district as well as contact information about their executive directors, managers and/or other representatives. The collected data and information is presented in tables.

The CFs were delivered office materials needed for the maintenance of their work places in the relevant districts.

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